Dead Space remake player points out incredible details in Isaac's costume

January 31, 2023 at 01:04


Fans are praising Motive Studios for their incredible attention to detail in Isaac’s costume in the recently released Dead Space remake. With the truly astonishing precision of all aspects of Dead Space, the smallest details of the impact of the environment on textures stand out with their subtle yet significant impact.

The Dead Space remake was released on January 27 and was received with enthusiasm. It has been praised not only as a faithful recreation of the iconic Visceral Studio original, but also as a game that elevates the source material through positive and significant changes. Of course, the graphical update comes to the fore, using ray tracing and DLSS for great immersion in the game. Dismembering huge aliens in dimly lit corridors looks and feels great, as Motive Studios has also tweaked the movement and combat systems.

Reddit user Joejackson6521 shared his discovery of a subtle detail in Isaac’s suit in the remake. During certain segments of the game, Isaac has to emerge from the narrow corridors of the Ishimura into the cold vacuum of space. Impressively, Motive Studios accounted for the drop in temperature by coating Isaac’s suit with a layer of frost for these playable segments, which slowly melts as he returns to the heated parts of the ship. This, in addition to the realistic splatter of blood and entrails on the suit, shows the attention to detail Motive Studios has gone into making the remake.

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