Airport Extreme replacement. New Router recommendations?

October 14, 2021 at 01:22

Hi, I've been using an Airport Extreme 5th Gen for quite a few years for my home/office/recording studio. I rely on some audio streaming software on a couple of Macs for real-time broadcast-quality audio transmission from time to time. That requires a stable internet connection to minimize latency and buffering. The Extreme has still held up pretty well and i have a 4th Gen one that's connected as a secondary wifi extender. My 'business' Macs are ethernet connected to the Extreme.

I've been ok with 200down/10up internet speed but decided to upgrade to a 400/20mbps plan. The Extreme seems to handle the upload speed well but download speed tops out anywhere from 100 to 340mbps. All that said, I need a new router to take advantage of the maximum speed available.

I've been out of the market a long time so am interested in any recommendations for a reliable reasonably priced replacement. As far as wifi coverage, not sure i necessarily need a 'mesh' arrangement - square footage of the house is in the 1500 sq ft range, and wifi is mainly for laptops, Roku systems and some Blink cameras spread out across a couple of floors. Would welcome any suggestions on specific models to look at that would provide good wifi coverage, maximum ethernet capacity, and preferably at least 4 ethernet ports. Simplicity of set up and user interface is pretty important to me, as well as Mac compatibility.

Greatly appreciate any thoughts on this. I wouldn't care if it isn't the very latest model or anything as long as it's dependable and can fit the needs I mentioned. Thanks a lot for your time and and any help with this.


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